How to cut Wedding Costs 

Setting a budget is a simple way of keeping unwanted wedding costs to a minimum; analyzing your finances and allocating sections of your budget to different areas of the wedding will prevent you from getting carried away. Be strict with yourself and, if you can, allow small splurges for important aspects of the wedding. Combining parts of the budget by combining aspects of the wedding help save money. For example, hosting the ceremony and reception in one place can save on travel costs, freeing up a costly part of the budget.

Putting aside a small portion – around 10% - of your budget for extra, unpredictable costs, also gives you a little leeway in case you go over your estimates costs. Tipping drivers,bartenders etc., extra alcohol and finishing touches are often disregarded or even forgotten when planning a wedding, so also ensure to keep an extensive, detailed wedding list that you can add to at any time.

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